Our Research Team

Together we are working to understand the fascinating biological processes that contribute to genome stability, integrity, and evolution.

Lydia R. Heasley, PhD

Assistant Professor

B.A., University of Colorado, Boulder

PhD., University of Colorado, Anschutz

Postdoctoral, Colorado State University

Research interests: All things genome stability and evolution; history and philosophy of science

Other interests: Soccer, skiing, adventures with dogs, cocktail hour

Ana Ibarra

Professional Research Assistant

B.S., Colorado State University

Research interests: Mechanisms of drug resistance, microbial evolution and medicine, and getting a better idea of what it means to be a scientist.

Other interests: Baking, watercolor painting, poetry, social justice, and music

Alyssa Monterroso

Professional Research Assistant

B.S., University of California, Santa Cruz

Research interests: Chromatin structure and the phenotypic consequences that result when this structure is disrupted. Learning new ways to promote diversity and inclusivity in science.

Other interests: Swimming, baking, dogs, and traveling.

We are still growing!

We are looking for enthusiastic, motivated, and curious students and scientists to join us! If you are interested in our work, please contact Lydia!

Support Staff


General Counsel

Other interests: Naps, swimming, foraging for veggies in the garden


Life Coach

Other interests: Her very best friend in the whole wide world (Larry), ice cubes, Wes Anderson movies


Lab(rador) Tech

Other interests: Napping, hiking, and trips to the dog park